My Story

Born and raised in a gliding family, Bert basically grew up on the airfield of Keiheuvel in Belgium.

According to family tradition he had to fly before he could walk…

And so it happened, on the lap of his grandfather Albert and with his father Bert Sr. piloting the aircraft. From then on, they taught him all they know about gliding. His grandfather was his flight instructor and let him fly solo at the age of 14. After obtaining his license, his father became his mentor. He prepared Bert for his first cross-countries and he introduced him to the world of competitive flying.

Besides the motivation from victories at small and big competitions and top-rankings at EGC’s and WGC’s, something else has always been far more important to him: a sheer love for the beauty one can see from high (and sometimes low) above the planet and the tremendously exciting possibilities this incredible sport offers. Every time again it allows to discover new regions and to meet like-minded people. The majestic snow covered peaks of the Alps, the dry desert of the Sahara, the exciting updrafts of the Apennines, the green flatlands of Northern Europe, the unknown territory of Bosnia, …

These are just some of the incredible sights Bert has seen and photographed in the last couple of years, and which are now presented to you in this résumé.

Of course this book isn’t just the work of one person. Profound gratitude goes to Barbara Truyers and Tijl Schmelzer, who did major editing, gave constructive feedback, and above all, who kept their patience when another email was sent at 4 o’clock in the morning, containing numerous editing and layout questions.

Together, they proudly present you “One year of gliding”.

My Skills

  • Sleepless nights

  • Photography

  • WordPress

  • Photoshop

  • Having fun by making this book