288 pages of adventure, beautiful bird-eye-views, photo-stories, unforgettable experiences, and much more

What is the most important reason to practise our time-consuming sport?

Learning a new skill as a student pilot?
Stepping up from being a solo pilot to a cross-country pilot?
Becoming an instructor by yourself?
Claiming your first competition victory?
Meeting friends at the obligatory afterflight beer?

All of these are of course valid reasons, but in my very personal opinion, there is something else which is way more important and more universal:

As glider pilots, we are privileged to being able to enjoy the beautiful places of our planet, from a perspective we only have to share with birds. A selection of those places is now presented to you by photo stories, articles and interviews, made by myself and some good friends -Daniel Rossier, Arndt Hovestadt, and Tilo Holighaus-.

The result of five consecutive gliding seasons are distilled into “One year of gliding” with lots of very personal views on gliding.
This book is the result of distinct curiosity, unstoppable optimism and due diligence. Therefore I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did while making the book, as well as the flights.

The perfect gift

Are you looking for a gift for yourself or for a friend?
Well, you have found what you have been looking for.

This book was made from the ground up and has been put together out of a selection of 30.000 pictures, all made by the author himself. 5 years of intense gliding in the most exciting regions and in every season of the year have been distilled into one year. Every season has its own stunning pictures, articles and photostories. We guarantee you that you will read this book over and over again and start dreaming about foreign places with strong thermals and fast ridges.

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Exciting Topics

Whether you prefer flatlands, steep mountains, little hills, or … doesn’t matter, because this book has been composed with different articles describing lots of places. They all have one thing in common though: Each one of them has its own beauty, which we tried to capture in single shots.

So start dreaming with this book on your lap and maybe you are in one of those magnificent places yourself in a couple of months from now.

A pilot's dream in 288 pages

Are you ready to daydream ?